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Mum’s Cinnamon Rolls

Mashed potatoes are the secret ingredient to making these fluffy and airy rolls. To download and print the recipe: →


Mini Quiches

Tasty and easy to make, these keep well for picnics and are perfect for safari. To download and print the


Honey Mustard Chicken Skewers

A delicious addition to lunch or dinner, easy to make and flavorful. To download and print the recipe: → click


Quick and Easy Bread Rolls

Simple and using basic ingredients, you can customize these with spices and herbs of your choice. To download and print


Party Cheesecake

Tasting as delicious as it looks, this will become a go-to party favorite! To download and print the recipe: →


Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Well worth it for a chewy and delicious chocolate treat.

To download and print the recipe: → click here


Crispy Garlic Potato Wedges

Easy, quick and delicious!

To download and print the recipe: → click here


Arlette’s Spinach Parcels

A delicious and fancy way to enjoy spinach!

To download and print the recipe: → click here


Avocado Dog Treats

Your four legged family members deserve some delicious and healthy treats from your jiko as well.

To download and print the recipe: → click here


Seedballs Gift Box

KSh 200.00KSh 450.00

Celebrating a birthday, baby shower or wedding? Our custom gift box filled with seedballs is the perfect eco-friendly gift for your friends and family to commemorate this special day. Minimum order of 10 units, and 5 days lead time. The seedballs will come with basic info on how to “throw and grow”, and we select the best species for your region (in Kenya only!).
Ask us about customizing labels or stickers with your event theme colors or a special message.



KSh 300.00KSh 3,000.00

Have fun dispersing your seedballs! A collaboration between wonderful people from all over Africa.

The rubber comes from old gaskets from the Zambian copper mines, the leather pouch is made from off-cuts from Bata Shoes, Limuru, the slingshots are made by specialized slingshot makers in Sultan Hamud. The beadwork on the fancy slingshots is done by some expert Maasai ladies near Amboseli.


Tree Seedballs

KSh 400.00KSh 12,500.00

The dryland species are native acacia trees from seeds carefully selected by KEFRI. Suited to dry and arid areas. Highland species thrive at higher altitude with increased rainfall. If you aren’t sure about the region, please email us for advice on planting in your specific location. Click Here for a detailed list of the varieties contained.

*Please note: we do not ship Seedballs outside of Kenya. Should you place an order requesting international delivery, we will treat your purchase as a donation to one of our local partners. Refunds are not possible.

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