Smoking Wood Chips

KSh 500.00

Cut into an easy to use format, these sticks are made from seasonal prunings from fruit trees at Mlango Organic Farm, or our very own African Olive from the Cookswell Forest. 4 to 5 pieces will smoke for about an hour, and there is no need to soak prior to using.

How to use:
Place a small handful of Cookswell Smoking Wood in the removeable tray that catches the ashes below the liner. When hot coals fall through the holes, they will slowly smolder the wood to produce high-quality smoke for meats, veggies and more! Alternatively and for more smoke production, place a few sticks directly onto the coals in the oven, and cover with a bit of ash.

Remember to keep your oven clean, as the smoke buildup from each use will impart a smoky flavor to the other dishes that you prepare.

Each bag is approximately 500gms in weight

Shipping & Delivery
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