The Cookswell charcoal ovens are as flexible as you need them to be – bake, roast, toast or steam your food using just a small handful or two of charcoal. Baked goods can be prepared as quickly and as simply as roasting a chicken. Keep your oven clean and don’t overload it. You can expect that your oven will last for five years or more with very minimal maintenance. With seven different sizes, our ovens range from portable ovens for home or safari, to large business sizes for commercial use. Chefs love these ovens for their versatility, economy, reliability and ease of use. Count on Cookswell for all your cooking needs!

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Mini Oven

KSh 12,000.00

The most portable oven in the world! The mini safari bachelor sized jiko. Perfect for cooking for up to 5 people, you can roast a whole chicken and some potatoes or make mini-pizzas with your friends. This oven can bake up to two 500 gm loaves of bread as well. It has an easy to carry handle on its roof and will fit in the back of any car or even on a bicycle!


Safari Oven

KSh 15,000.00

The ultimate portable safari charcoal oven – bake, roast, toast or steam using just a small handful or two of charcoal. Sized just right for verandas, apartments, backyards and it fits perfectly in the car for safari. Cooks for 2-5 people – appx. 2 chickens or bakes 2 loaves of bread.


Small 3 Level Oven

KSh 25,000.00

Nice and handy for camping, domestic use and for micro-baking businesses! You can fit 5 loaves of bread at once or 4 whole chickens and several potatoes.


Medium 3 Level Oven

KSh 35,000.00

This oven is large enough for light commercial use and still perfect for a family oven. This one is our most popular designs and every Mum’s favourite!


Medium 4 Level Oven

KSh 54,000.00

The perfect SME or large family sized oven. You can bake up to 20 loaves of bread or 4 large birthday cakes or even a goat and half!


The Business 4 Level Oven

KSh 70,000.00

The ultimate energy saving portable charcoal oven. Used by 1000's of East African caterers, luxury safari camps and SME bakeries since 1996!


Business Plus Oven

KSh 80,000.00

This is the right oven for a busy bakery, safari camp/tented camp (20-40pax) or nyama choma business. Features four extra strength shelves, two large ceramic fireboxes and heavy duty sheet metal. This can also be used as a smoker oven for hams, fish, poultry etc. Approximate capacity of 22 loaves of bread, charcoal use of approximately 5-7 handfuls per hour.