Who We Are

Cookswell Jikos is a small but growing family owned Kenyan hybrid-business. We provide our customers with the best quality charcoal and wood fueled stoves, portable convection ovens, BBQ’s, smokers, space heaters and improved charcoal making kilns. Our products are designed and handcrafted in Kenya by professional Kenyan artisans personally trained by the late great jiko inventor, Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui.

Cookswell Jikos advocates for the sustainable production, management and utilization of wood fuels as one of the many renewable energy resources for East Africa’s cooking needs.

We proudly include a free packet of seedballs with every product purchased to further the goal of helping people make charcoal a sustainable energy source. To add to our renewable biomass energy forestry programs we have established The Woodlands 2000 Trust with support from the Tamarind Kenya Group to promote dryland commercial agroforestry tree growing around Kenya and East Africa for greater woodfuel security. We also make innovative and simple to use portable, mobile kilns to make your own free charcoal at home from tree branches and twigs or maize cobs, coconut husks and other woody biomass to reduce the demand on traditional charcoal sources.

We Deliver

Please order your new stove or oven and have it delivered to any major town in Kenya. We also have a network of local transport providers for delivery around East Africa and beyond.

We are very happy to announce that we now have our first international export and distribution partner based in The Hague, Nederlands and online at http://www.cookswell.eu  which provides low cost international shipping to any corner of the world!

Save Money, Save Energy and Eat Well with Cookswell!