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KSh 500.00

A generous 12 pieces per roll, these make starting your charcoal easy and fast. Made of saw dust and wax


How to Start up a Baking Business: Book

KSh 500.00

Written by the talented team at Amari Bakery, this book is a step by step guideline on researching, planning, setting up and creating a small bakery business successfully. The book covers key aspects such as business planning, budgeting, legal requirements and the actual setting up of a baking business. There are also two sample business plans in the book you can use to get an idea of how to write your own baking business plan.

Although the printed books are out of stock, please visit Amari E-Books to purchase an e-book for download.


Liquid Smoke

KSh 500.00

Our liquid smoke is additive free, all natural and made in Kenya. Try it on meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, sauces and even smoked ice cream! One drop goes a very long way, so please use in moderation. 50ml bottle with eyedropper.

Smoking Wood Chips

KSh 500.00

Cut into an easy to use format, these sticks are made from seasonal prunings from fruit trees at Mlango Organic


Wildly Good Eco Charcoal

KSh 600.00

This eco-friendly hardwood charcoal is fired in specially made kilns to give a hotter burning coal. Sustainably harvested on a managed conservancy near Nakuru, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this charcoal go back to the local community to promote reforestation projects.

The perfect fuel to roast, toast, grill or bake in your Cookswell Oven!

3.5kg bag.


Replacement Ceramic Liner

KSh 700.00KSh 800.00

Did you accidentally drop your liner? These easily insert into the firebox.

Soul Coal Charcoal

KSh 800.00

New eco-charcoal now in stock! We now have the amazing Soul Coal leleshwa bush charcoal harvested from fire breaks at Ol Ari Nyiro conservancy in Laikipia County. This charcoal supports local community members as well as controlling the spread of the invasive Leleshwa plant. Perfect for your daily bbq and baking needs, burns hot and clean.


Oven Thermometers

KSh 1,000.00

KCJ Stainless Steel Grill

KSh 1,700.00KSh 2,600.00

A durable add-on when you want to roast kebabs, steaks, grilled fish, mishkaki, chicken tikka and more! Convenient wooden handle with a grill made from quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and long lasting.

Diameter approximate sizing:
Small 23cm/9 inches
Medium 28cm/11 inches
Large 36cm/14 inches


Fireballs Charcoal

KSh 2,000.00

The fireball is a spherical briquette made from premium charcoal waste selected for quality. This BBQ fuel provides a very even, long burning heat. Perfect for your frog space heater!

Artisan Cutting Board

KSh 2,000.00

These hand carved cutting boards are perfect for your stylish kitchen. Made of sustainable Neem wood (Swahili Name: Mwarubaini; Latin Name: Azadirachta indica), this is a durable and quality chopping board. Lightly oiled and ready for use, each board varies in design.