Safi Set: Jiko Cleaning Products

KShs 1,500.00

Like everything else, your Cookswell Jiko deserves regular care and maintenance. Using the right products extends the lifetime of your jiko and keeps it looking like new all year-round.

We are proud to offer an eco-friendly cleaning solution that works well to keep your investment and our beautiful Kenya in tip-top shape. This trio of eco friendly, biodegradable products is specially formulated by the amazing team at Grounded Kenya. We believe that harmful chemicals should not be applied to food or even the tools that you use to prepare your meals.

The trio includes:
A spray bottle of natural, Kenyan-made soap that works well as a regular application after food prep is completed. This rinses off well and is free from any soapy residue or fragrance.
A citrus-based degreaser that cuts through fat and oil, returning your jiko to a beautiful shine after a busy nyama choma service.
A natural scouring powder that is perfect for deep cleans, getting any grime out of crevices and hard to reach areas.


This set is packaged in recycled plastic bottles.
100grams scouring powder
500mls spray soap-based cleaner
500mls spray citrus degreaser

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