The very first energy saving jiko design by Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui, the “KCJ” is undeniably the most useful tool in the Kenyan household. A true Kenyan Classic! Their high quality, durability and made to last design are unmistakable. A true testament to
the Cookswell design are the hundreds of KCJ copies on the market. Look for our signature stamped liner to ensure this meets our quality standards. You can’t go wrong with a KCJ!

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24 cm
26 cm
8 cm


KSh 700.00KSh 1,000.00

The most portable oven in the world! The mini safari bachelor sized jiko. Perfect for cooking for up to 5 people, you can roast a whole chicken and some potatoes or make mini-pizzas with your friends. This oven can bake up to two 500 gm loaves of bread as well. It has an easy to carry handle on its roof and will fit in the back of any car or even on a bicycle!


Kuni Saver Firewood Jiko

KSh 2,000.00KSh 2,500.00

A camp classic when charcoal is hard to come by! A special kuni door allows you to feed small pieces of firewood into the bottom door, and heat is retained using our signature energy saving liner.


Multi Cookers

KSh 8,000.00KSh 12,000.00

Large energy saving multi pot cookers have many options for customization. Let us know how many burners you need, as well as if you’d prefer firewood or charcoal burning. The original classic KCJ frame is fit into a frame that is the perfect height for the busy kitchen or household. Option of a food warming compartment