Biochar Soil Enhancer

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BioChar Kenya is made from eco-friendly chips purchased from carefully selected urban charcoal vendors in Nairobi. The ‘char dust’ has been magnetically cleaned and double sieved through a 3mm mesh. This provides an optimal particle size, making it the ideal application for gardens. Its use is recognized as an efficient form of carbon sequestration and provides a circular method to help clean up Nairobi’s charcoal waste.
Manufactured by the talented team at  Chardust Ltd, this venture gives a higher quality and longer lasting value to Kenya’s waste charcoal products.
Sold in two formats:
Pure Biochar: Used to absorb moisture in compost bins or vermiculture, or to reduce odors in cat litter and livestock bedding. Alternatively, you can activate the biochar before adding to your grass or soil.
50/50 Blend: This ready-to-use biochar and compost blend is incredibly beneficial for house plants, potting soil, vegetable gardens and lawns.
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To read more about the benefits and uses of Biochar, check out this detailed research complied by the Chardust Ltd team, or  visit us on Facebook.

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Pure Biochar, 50/50 Bio Char/Compost Blend

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