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Cookswell CookBooklet

KShs 0.00

Our very first ever Cookswell Cookbook featuring 13 of our favourite, tried and tested recipes. Categorized into starters, mains and desserts, this booklet will help you get used to cooking in your Cookswell oven.

We are excited to offer you a free copy for download – enjoy!



KShs 500.00

A generous 12 pieces per roll, these make starting your charcoal easy and fast. Made of saw dust and wax


How to Start up a Baking Business: Book

KShs 500.00

Written by the talented team at Amari Bakery, this book is a step by step guideline on researching, planning, setting up and creating a small bakery business successfully. The book covers key aspects such as business planning, budgeting, legal requirements and the actual setting up of a baking business. There are also two sample business plans in the book you can use to get an idea of how to write your own baking business plan.

Although the printed books are out of stock, please visit Amari E-Books to purchase an e-book for download.


Liquid Smoke

KShs 500.00

Our liquid smoke is additive free, all natural and made in Kenya. Try it on meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, sauces and even smoked ice cream! One drop goes a very long way, so please use in moderation.

30mls glass bottle with drop dispenser.


Biochar Soil Enhancer

KShs 500.00
BioChar Kenya is made from eco-friendly chips purchased from carefully selected urban charcoal vendors in Nairobi. The ‘char dust’ has been magnetically cleaned and double sieved through a 3mm mesh. This provides an optimal particle size, making it the ideal application for gardens. Its use is recognized as an efficient form of carbon sequestration and provides a circular method to help clean up Nairobi’s charcoal waste.
Manufactured by the talented team at  Chardust Ltd, this venture gives a higher quality and longer lasting value to Kenya’s waste charcoal products.
Sold in two formats:
Pure Biochar: Used to absorb moisture in compost bins or vermiculture, or to reduce odors in cat litter and livestock bedding. Alternatively, you can activate the biochar before adding to your grass or soil.
50/50 Blend: This ready-to-use biochar and compost blend is incredibly beneficial for house plants, potting soil, vegetable gardens and lawns.

Replacement Ceramic Liner

KShs 700.00KShs 800.00

Did you accidentally drop your liner? These easily insert into the firebox of your oven or hibachi. Please indicate the size of your oven n the order notes to enable us to send you the correct size.


Wildly Good Eco Charcoal

KShs 700.00

This eco-friendly hardwood charcoal is fired in specially made kilns to give a hotter burning coal. Sustainably harvested on a managed conservancy near Nakuru, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this charcoal go back to the local community to promote reforestation projects.

The perfect fuel to roast, toast, grill or bake in your Cookswell Oven!

3.5kg bag.

Soul Coal Charcoal

KShs 800.00

New eco-charcoal now in stock! We now have the amazing Soul Coal leleshwa bush charcoal harvested from fire breaks at Ol Ari Nyiro conservancy in Laikipia County. This charcoal supports local community members as well as controlling the spread of the invasive Leleshwa plant. Perfect for your daily bbq and baking needs, burns hot and clean.


Smoking Wood Chips

KShs 800.00

Cut into an easy to use chunk format, these sticks are made from seasonal prunings from Kenyan trees grown without the use of harmful chemicals. 4 to 5 pieces will smoke for about an hour, and there is no need to soak prior to using.

How to use:
Place a small handful of Cookswell Smoking Wood in the removeable tray that catches the ashes below the liner. When hot coals fall through the holes, they will slowly smolder the wood to produce high-quality smoke for meats, veggies and more! Alternatively and for more smoke production, place a few sticks directly onto the coals in the oven, and cover with a bit of ash.

Remember to keep your oven clean if you also plan to use it for baking. The smoke buildup from each use will impart a smoky flavor to the other dishes that you prepare. Each bag is approximately 500gms in weight.

About our wood varieties:
Plum: sweet smoke with a slightly spicy flavour, well rounded
Peach: sweet, fruity flavour, ideal for white meat, seafood and small game birds
African Pepper Bark: pungent peppery taste, renowned for it’s use as a valued plant in traditional medicine
Meru Oak: slightly sweet vanilla-tinged flavour, suited to smoking all types of meat and vegetables
African Olive: lighter than mesquite with a milder smoke flavour, particularly delicious on Mediterranean style dishes
Mathenge Mesquite: bold, complex and earthy, suited to dark meat and veggies.