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KCJ Stainless Steel Grill

KShs 1,700.00KShs 2,600.00

A durable add-on when you want to roast kebabs, steaks, grilled fish, mishkaki, chicken tikka and more! Convenient wooden handle with a grill made from quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and long lasting.

Diameter approximate sizing:
Small 23cm/9 inches
Medium 28cm/11 inches
Large 36cm/14 inches


Fireballs Charcoal

KShs 2,000.00

The fireball is a spherical briquette made from premium charcoal waste selected for quality. This BBQ fuel provides a very even, long burning heat. Perfect for your frog space heater!

Artisan Cutting Board

KShs 2,000.00

These hand carved cutting boards are perfect for your stylish kitchen. Made of sustainable Neem wood (Swahili Name: Mwarubaini; Latin Name: Azadirachta indica), this is a durable and quality chopping board. Lightly oiled and ready for use, each board varies in design.


Charcoal Lighter Chimney

KShs 2,500.00KShs 3,500.00

Our charcoal lighter chimney is the easiest, quickest & cleanest way to light charcoal for your jiko.  Simply fill the Chimney Starter with your choice of charcoal, place newspaper underneath the grate and light it on fire. The fire rises through the holes in the grate and the “chimney effect” causes the charcoal to light from the bottom all the way up to the top. In just 10 – 20 minutes your charcoal will be hot and ready. Carefully pour the hot coals into the clay liner of your Cookswell jiko and you are ready to go!


New Jiko Starter Kit

KShs 2,600.00

The ideal add-on for  your new oven or bbq jiko, this starter set will make sure you can hit the ground running for your first baking, roasting and toasting experience. Keep your jiko in tip-top shaper with our custom eco-friendly cleaning products.


Deluxe Seedballer Set

KShs 3,600.00

Seedball in style with our one-of-a-kind beaded slingshots. Hand beaded by expert Masai ladies near Amboseli, this is sure to set the style for your next tree planting activity. Included is one kilo of indigenous tree seedballs, which is almost 600 tree seeds!

Steps to successful seedballing:
1: Think like a tree: where would you like to grow up? Near a bit of water, free from invasive weeds and a great view of the sun
2: Get your fancy slingshot at the ready, aiming to plant trees
3: Throw … wait… and drop a map pin so you can check back later to see where your trees grow.

Check out @seedballskenya on social media to see how you and many other dedicated tree planters have distributed over 5million tree seeds in Kenya!