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A lifetime supply of free wood energy! We are focusing on helping reduce the costs of planting various useful indigenous plant species (mostly trees!) in Kenya. The biochar coating of the ball helps ...

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Woodfuel energy independence starts by planting trees - You can grow your own FREE charcoal and firewood by planting and taking care of the FREE packet of tree seeds you receive with your jiko ~ we advocate for organic and holistically planned agroforestry derived Food, Fuel and Fodder production. Trees of the acacia species, when planted using a planned agro forestry manner, can yield huge benefits to your land, your bank account and your community. They also provide shade, windbreaks, timber, bee forage, soil retention and they are nitrogen fixing legumes. With good care, in less than 10 years you can begin to prune the crown and branches of the tree for fuelwood (pollarding/lopping) and thereafter you can continue to harvest branches every 2-3 years and you can even eventually harvest a final timber beam in 25 years. Ask yourself how much tree products (timber, firewood, charcoal) used cost 14 years ago in the year 2000...... and imagine how much they will be in 2030! The first best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the next best time is TODAY

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